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The owner of IPBS needs your help.

Jon Brija participated in the Out Of Darkness walk for 3 years in a row now, and this year he is raising the stakes. His goal this year is $10,000, and as soon as his donations reach $10,000, Jon will CUT OFF HIS HAIR.  All 19" of his hair.  The faster we raise $10,000, the sooner he chops off his locks.

This is also a 2-part donation (raising the stakes!)  After Jon raises all the money that goes towards suicide prevention, he will also be donating all of his hair to Wigs For Kids:  The faster we raise $10,000, the sooner he chops off his locks to help a cool kid somewhere get back his/her 'cool' by having hair again.

Jon is raising money in memory of his little brother Josh who we lost in 2013.  Suicide is nicknamed "the silent killer" and we hope to raise awareness (And money!) that we need to talk about this out loud.  

And of course you're invited to watch Jon chop it all off - date to be determined. Follow Irving Park Barbershop on social media to see the progress:




Thank you for your support as we raise money for this very worthwhile cause and drop hair for another. We appreciate your help.

In MEMORY of Josh Brija